Shakespeare 2016: what you've missed

September 14, 2016

Illuminating Shakespeare
We've been busy adding new themes to our Shakespeare hub over the summer, with specially-commissioned videos, fascinating articles, and interactive content, plus selected scholarly articles made freely available for the duration of this Shakespearean year.

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Shakespeare and the Supernatural
On the thrilling cusp between superstition and rationality, Shakespeare’s plays exploit the theatre as a place of make-believe and fantasy.

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Shakespeare and Music
Like Cleopatra, many of Shakespeare’s lovers demand "music, music, moody food": but early modern music has connections with religious conflict and with mathematics as much as with festivity and feeling.

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Shakespeare and Nature
Early critics praised Shakespeare as the poet of nature—as if the natural world, rather than scholarship, was his inspiration. For Shakespeare nature is experienced and learned.

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Shakespeare and Performance
Unlike many of his contemporaries, Shakespeare was not a university wit but an actor, steeped in the practical world of theatre. His plays often preserve the stagecraft of their original performance spaces.

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An A-Z Guide to Shakespeare

An A-Z guide to Shakespeare

Compiled by one of the best-known authorities on Shakespeare's works, Stanley Wells, the A-Z Guide to Shakespeare is an online-only dictionary which includes over 860 entries covering all aspects of Shakespeare in his own time, and on his impact and influence on later ages.

Enjoy free access throughout 2016 by browsing the complete dictionary or read a selection of highlighted entries by theme.


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