Marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death

April 22, 2016

Illuminating Shakespeare

Tomorrow, Saturday 23rd April, marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. To mark this occasion, Oxford University Press are bringing you the very best Shakespeare resources for every stage from school to research, available through our Shakespeare hub, throughout 2016:

Explore a new theme and approach to Shakespeare every month, with specially-commissioned videos, fascinating articles, and interactive content. Then go deeper with selected scholarly articles made freely available for the duration of this year.


NEW THEME: Shakespeare in our time

Shakespeare’s vitality in our own time is indeed a global phenomenon: invigorated by translations, adaptations, and creative transformations that rewire Renaissance plays into a new, multi-media, and international circuits. Discover more with the Shakespeare hub and the below entry from Oxford Reference:

NEW THEME: Shakespeare in his time

How far is Shakespeare’s immediate success due to his clever manipulation of other writers' innovations, and what is it about his work that appealed to his contemporaries and beyond? Discover more with the Shakespeare hub and the below entry from Oxford Reference:

An A-Z Guide to Shakespeare

An A-Z guide to Shakespeare

Compiled by one of the best-known authorities on Shakespeare's works, Stanley Wells, the A-Z Guide to Shakespeare is an online-only dictionary which includes over 860 entries covering all aspects of Shakespeare in his own time, and on his impact and influence on later ages.

Enjoy free access throughout 2016 by browsing the complete dictionary or read a selection of highlighted entries by theme.


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