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Bumfuck, Egypt

Green's Dictionary of Slang

Jonathon Green

Bumfuck, Egypt n. (also Bumfuck, Africa; Bumfucked/ bumfucking Egypt; Bumfuck, Iowa; Bumfuck, Texas; buttfucking Egypt; Buttfuck, New Jersey; East Bumfuck; East Buttfuck; West Bumfuck; West Buttfuck) [bumfuck adj./ buttfuck n.; orig. US milit. jargon Bumfuck, Egypt, a very distant and remote place] (US milit./campus) 

a very distant place.

1986 C. Hiaasen Tourist Season (1987) 316: High-school bands from Bumfuck, Iowa. 1989 P. Munro Sl. U. 35: B.F.E./B.F.A. the boondocks, a very far away place […] [Butt Fucking Africa]. 1996 Eble Sl. and Sociability 36: Two kinds of shortening reduce words to letters. The dominant type in college slang is initialism, which names the individual letters: BFE (bum fucking Egypt) ‘in the middle of nowhere, far away’. 1997–2000 Da Bomb [Internet] 2: B.F.E.: An expression used to emphasize the fact that something or someone is very far away from you. The expression means Bum Fucked Egypt. 1997–2001 Online Sl. Dict. [Internet] bumfuck n 1. an imaginary place. [Ibid.] butt-fucking Egypt adj 1. inconveniently far away. Often abbreviated BFE, sometimes called ‘bum-fuck Egypt.’ (‘Man, you parked way out in butt-fucking Egypt!’). [Ibid.] east butt-fuck 1. inconveniently far away. Also used is the less offensive east bumble-fuck. (‘You live way out in east butt-fuck.’). [Ibid.] Egypt n 1. a very distant place. See also butt-fucking Egypt. (‘I'm not going to his party – he lives way out in Egypt.’). 1999 N. Stephenson Cryptonomicon 115: You are going to be in West Bumfuck, Arkansas, riding in the Memorial Day parade. 2000 C. Hiaasen Sick Puppy 122: I wouldn't have to fly to Bumfuck, Africa, or wherever. 2002 ADS-L 5 June [Internet] Even though I claim to be a North Carolinian, I'd never heard this; my friend didn't give me a gloss in his first email and I took it for a synonym of ‘East Bumfuck’ (which he thought hilarious). 2002 D. Allison On the Whispering Wind 112: They blow their wad […] on long circuitous cab rides, as Cassidy describes them, ‘from East Jesus to West Buttfuck.’ 2002 J. Starr Hard Feelings 193: Now you drag me out to Butt-Fuck New Jersey for some pointless lineup. 2006 Observer Rev. 15 Jan. 5/3: Fourteen hours later, the bus pulled up outside an army barracks – ‘someplace in Bumfuck, Texas.’