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Patron saints of countries and towns

The Oxford Dictionary of Saints

Patron saints of countries and towns

Like the rest of this volume, the list printed below is selective, not comprehensive. Patrons of towns in Great Britain and Ireland are found in the Index of Places. Towns called Saint-, San-, Santa- are not included below unless their patron saint is different from that of the place-name. Patrons of capital cities, unless otherwise stated, are the same as those of their countries. The numerous patronages of the Blessed Virgin Mary (B.V.M.) are usually linked to her principal feast of the Assumption (Dormition) on 15 August. The choice of some patron saints is popular and immemorial; others are due to the acquisition of relics, others again through papal decision with local consultation. Many items in this list have been derived from the comprehensive list of saints' patronages of professions, trades, and places in the Index volume of Bibliotheca Sanctorum (Indice Patronati, pp. 293–348).

Abbeville, France Wulfram of Sens

Africa, northern Cyprian

Africa, central B. V. M.

Africa, eastern B. V. M.

Africa, southern B. V. M.

Albania B. V. M. (‘Of Good Counsel’)

Albi, France Cecilia

Alexandria, Egypt Cyril of Alexandria

Algeria Cyprian

Alsace, France Odile

Amalfi, Italy Andrew

Angers, France Maurice and Companions

Annecy, France Francis of Sales

Antwerp, Belgium B. V. M.

Aragon, Spain Braulio

Argentina B. V. M. (‘Immaculata’), Francis Solano

Arles, France Trophimus

Arras, France Vedast

Assisi, Italy Rufinus of Assisi, Francis

Augsburg, Germany Ulric

Australia B. V. M., Peter Chanel

Austria Leopold III

Autun, France Lazarus of Bethany

Auvergne, France Julian of Brioude

Auxerre, France Germanus of Auxerre

Avignon, France Benezet

Bamberg, Germany Henry II

Banja Luka, Bosnia Bonaventure

Barcelona, Spain Eulalia

Bari, Italy Nicholas

Basle, Switzerland B. V. M.

Bavaria, Germany Benno

Belgrade, Serbia Demetrius of Sirmium

Benevento, Italy Bartholomew

Bergen, Norway Sunniva

Berlin, Germany Nicholas

Bingen, Germany Martin of Tours

Bohemia, Czech Republic John of Nepomuk, Norbert

Bolivia Francis Solano

Bonn, Germany Cassius and Florence

Bordeaux, France Andrew, Severinus

Brazil B. V. M., Peter of Alcantara, Antony of Padua

Bremen, Germany Anskar

Brno, Czech Republic Peter and Paul, Cyril and Methodius

Bruges, Belgium Donatian of Rheims

Brussels, Belgium Gudule

Budapest, Hungary Stephen of Hungary

Bulgaria Cyril and Methodius

Burgos, Spain Dominic

Cahors, France Stephen

Capestrano, Italy John of Capestrano

Capua, Italy Stephen

Catania, Sicily Agatha

Chartres, France B. V. M.

Chile Francis Solano

Cologne, Germany Cunibert, Ursula

Colombia B. V. M. (‘Of the Rosary’), Luis Bertrand

Colombo, Sri Lanka Lucy

Cordoba, Spain Acislus and Victoria, Ferdinand III

Corsica Devota

Cremona, Italy Homobonus

Cuba B. V. M.

Denmark Anskar

Dresden, Germany B. V. M.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Blaise

Dusseldorf, Germany Apollinaris

Ecuador B. V. M.

Echternach, Luxembourg Willibrord

England George (formerly Edward and Edmund)

Erfurt, Germany Martin of Tours

Essen, Germany Cosmas and Damian

Europe Benedict, Cyril and Methodius

Finland Henry of Finland

Florence, Italy John the Baptist

France B. V. M., Joan of Arc, Theresa of Lisieux

Gaeta, Italy Erasmus

Genoa, Italy George

Germany Boniface, Anskar

Ghent, Belgium Bavo

Gibraltar Bernard of Clairvaux

Granada, Spain Cecilius, John of God

Greece Paul the Apostle, Nicholas

Guatemala James the Great

Hamburg, Germany Peter

Hanover, Germany James the Great

Heidelberg, Germany John the Baptist

Holland Willibrord

Honduras B. V. M.

Iceland Anskar

India Francis Xavier

Indonesia B. V. M.

Ireland Patrick

Italy Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena

Jaen, Spain B. V. M., Catherine of Alexandria

Jena, Germany Michael

Kassel, Germany Martin of Tours

Kiev, Ukraine Vladimir

Köln, Germanysee Cologne

Las Palmas, Canary Islands Peter of Verona

Leipzig, Germany John Baptist

Le Mans, France Julian of Le Mans

Leon, Spain Marcellus

Leuven (Louvain), Belgium Peter the Apostle

Liège, Belgium Hubert

Lima, Peru Rose

Lisbon, Portugal Adrian of Nicomedia

Lisieux, France Theresa of Lisieux

Lithuania Casimir, Stanislaus Kostka, Cunegund

Ljubljana, Slovenia George

Locarno, Switzerland Antony of Egypt

London Erkenwald

Lucerne, Switzerland Leodegarius

Lugano, Switzerland Laurence

Luxembourg B. V. M., Willibrord, Cunegund

Lyons, France Pothinus, Blandina (Martyrs of Lyons)

Mâcon, France Vincent of Saragossa

Madagascar Vincent de Paul

Madrid, Spain Isidore the Farmer

Magdeburg, Germany Norbert

Majorca, Spain Alphonsus Rodriguez

Malines (Mechelen), Belgium Rumold

Malta Paul the Apostle.

Marsala, Sicily John Baptist

Marseilles, France Lazarus of Bethany, Victor

Meaux, France Stephen

Metz, France Stephen

Minorca, Spain Antony of Egypt

Monaco Devota

Monte Cassino, Italy Benedict

Montefiascone, Italy Margaret of Antioch

Montpellier, France Roch

Monza, Italy John Baptist

Moravia Wenceslas, Cyril and Methodius

Munich, Germany Benno

Nancy, France Sigebert

Nantes, France Donatian and Rogatian

Naples, Italy Januarius, Alphonsus, Francis of Paula, John Joseph of the Cross

Nevers, France Cyrus and Julitta

New Caledonia B. V. M.

New Zealand B. V. M., Peter Chanel

Nicaragua James the Great

Nîmes, France B. V. M.

Nola, Italy Paulinus of Nola

Norway Magnus of Norway, Olaf

Oceania Peter Chanel

Orléans, France Anianus

Oslo, Norway Hallvard

Ostend, Belgium Peter and Paul

Paderborn, Germany Antony of Egypt

Padua, Italy Antony of Padua

Pakistan Francis Xavier

Palermo, Sicily Benedict the African

Palestine B. V. M.

Palma, Majorca Sebastian

Pamplona, Spain Sernin of Toulouse

Paraguay B. V. M., Francis Solano

Paris, France Genevieve, Louis IX

Passau, Germany Valentine

Patmos, Greece John the Evangelist

Péronne, France Fursey

Peru Joseph, Francis Solano, Turibius, Rose of Lima

Philippine Islands B. V. M. (‘Immaculata’), Rose of Lima

Piedmont, Italy Eusebius of Vercelli, Maurice

Pilsen, Czech Republic Bartholomew

Pisa, Italy Rainier

Pistoia, Italy James the Great

Ploermel, France Armel

Poissy, France Louis IX

Poitiers, France Louis IX

Poland B. V. M., Adalbert, Stanislaus

Portugal B. V. M. (‘Immaculata’), Antony of Padua, Francis Borgia

Prato, Italy Stephen

Quimper, France Corentin

Rapallo, Italy Gervase and Protase

Ratisbon, Germany Emmeranus, Wolfgang

Ravenna, Italy Apollinare

Reggio Calabria, Italy George

Reichenau, Germany Mark

Reims, France Remigius, Donatian

Rennes, France Peter the Apostle

Riccione, Italy Martin of Tours

Romania Cyril and Methodius

Rome, Italy Peter and Paul, Philip Neri, Catherine of Siena

Rouen, France B. V. M.

Russia Nicholas, Sergius of Radonez, Vladimir, Theresa of Lisieux

Saint-Cyr, France Julitta

Salamanca, Spain B. V. M., John of Sahagun

Salerno, Italy Matthew

Salzburg, Austria Rupert of Salzburg, Virgil of Salzburg

San Domingo B. V. M. (‘Of Ransom’)

Santiago, Spain James the Great

Saragossa, Spain Braulius of Saragossa, Elizabeth of Portugal

Sardinia Efisio of Cagliari, Maurice

Sarti, Italy Bartholomew, Martin of Tours, Homobonus

Saumur, France Florence of Mont-Glonne

Savoy, France Maurice

Scotland Andrew, Margaret of Scotland

Segovia, Spain Alphonsus Rodriguez

Serbia Sava

Sestri Levante, Italy Nicholas

Seville, Spain Isidore

Siena, Italy Catherine of Siena

Slovakia John of Nepomuk

Soissons, France Crispin and Crispinian

Spain B. V. M., James the Great

Srebenisa, Serbia James the Great

Sri Lanka B. V. M. (‘Immaculata’)

Strasbourg, France Arbogast of Strasbourg

Stuttgart, Germany Christopher

Sweden Bridget, Eric

Switzerland Nicholas of Flue

Taormina, Sicily Pancras of Taormina

Tarascon, France Martha

Tarbes, France Augustine of Hippo

Tarragona, Spain Tecla

Tivoli, Italy Laurence

Toledo, Spain Leocadia of Toledo

Toulouse, France Sernin

Tournus, France Philibert

Tours, France Martin of Tours

Tréguier, France Ivo of Brittany

Trier (Trèves), Germany Peter the Apostle

Trieste, Italy Justus of Trieste

Troyes, France Lupus of Troyes

Turin, Italy B. V. M. (‘Of Consolation’)

Turkey John the Evangelist, John Chrysostom

Turnhout, Belgium Peter the Apostle

Umbria, Italy Francis of Assisi

U.S.A. B. V. M.

Uruguay B. V. M.

Utrecht, Holland Willibrord

Val d'Isère, France Bernard of Aosta

Valencia, Spain B. V. M.

Valladolid, Spain B. V. M.

Vannes, France Vincent Ferrer

Venezuela B. V. M.

Venice, Italy Mark

Vercelli, Italy Eusebius of Vercelli

Verona, Italy Zeno

Versailles, France Louis IX

Vicenza, Italy Vincent of Saragossa

Vienna, Austria Clement-Mary Hofbauer

Vienne, France Ado

Viviers, France Vincent of Saragossa

Wales David of Wales

Wangen, Germany Martin of Tours

Warendorf, Germany Laurence

Weimar, Germany Peter and Paul

Wervik, Belgium Medard

Wesel, Germany Willibrord

Westerlo, Belgium Lambert

Wiesbaden, Germany Maurice

Wolfenbuttel, Germany Andrew

Worms, Germany Martin of Tours

Wurzburg, Germany Christopher

Xanten, Germany Victor (of Theban Legion)

Zamora, Spain Ildephonsus

Zeeland, Denmark Canute Lavard

Zug, Switzerland Oswald of Northumbria