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General Links for this Work

The Oxford Companion to Military History

General Links for this Work

Conflict Map Part of the official website of the Nobel Foundation, the Conflict Map provides a visual map of twentieth-century wars involving at least 1,000 military battle deaths. The site uses a threefold classification: interstate wars, colonial wars, and civil wars. As well as dates and locations, the map gives a useful summary of the conflict, without going into too much detail regarding the deeper causes of particular wars.

BBC History Online — Wars and Conflict A well-constructed site, featuring sets of articles that cover a number of principal topics, such as ‘Weapons through Time’; ‘Multimedia Highlights’, including multimedia animations, games and reconstructions; sections on specific battles, such as Hastings and Waterloo, and a detailed, animated examination of the battles on the Western front 1914–1918; as well as links to BBC History Online sites devoted to the major conflicts of the 20th century, including World War II.

Center for Defense Information (CDI) This site covers a comprehensive range of research topics, including Defense and Foreign Policy, Military Forces and Strategy, Arms Trade Issues, Nuclear Issues, International Peacekeeping, and Military Spending. It also provides an overview of the 38 major (those with over 1,000 casualties, both military and civilian) conflicts in the world at the start of 2000, in The World At War 2000, and access to a free electronic publication, The Weekly Defense Monitor.

Current Wars and Conflicts This excellent site features information on the latest developments involving current wars and conflicts, as well as valuable facts and figures. It comprises seven principal sections, including a comprehensive list of UN Peace-Keeping Operations, a clickable map or alphabetical list providing links to country reports and articles about contemporary conflicts and other related issues, access to INCORE Country Guides that provide information on internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries and regions, links to ongoing wars and children as casualties, information on Red Cross operations by country, and US State Department travel warnings.

DATARIs: Database on Research Institutes The product of a cooperation project between the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), this collection of searchable databases provides information from and about research institutes specializing in international relations, disarmament, and security, and supplies directory databases on research institutes and documentation centres, bibliographic databases on research institute projects and publications, and a information about databases maintained by associated research institutes.

Jensen's Web Sources for Wars & World Military History A detailed and comprehensive listing of military history sources, compiled and maintained by Richard Jensen, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Illinois, Chicago. It offers a General section, listing useful websites and search engines, followed by a number of more specific subsections. These include each of the principal wars of the 20th century; individual eras or periods, such as Ancient, medieval, 16th–17th centuries, etc.; Air Power and Naval Power; and finally, Desert Storm to the Present; Terrorism, Iraq. This multi-levelled site explores the many facets of military history through books and informative articles. It offers information on a wide range of topics, from ancient history to 19th- and 20th-century conflicts. Each topic is linked to books by expert authors, and can then be investigated further through more detailed articles relating to subtopics. In turn, these articles are further enhanced by accompanying illustrations and bibliographies.

Military History Sites This well-organized, academic resource covers several international conflicts, providing links to military history sites relating to many aspects of the two World Wars, the Pre-Modern Era, the French revolution and Napoleonic Era, the American Civil War, the Korean and Vietnam wars, and other periods. It offers links to relevant sites, documents and other primary sources, and graphics.

War, Peace and Security Guide Provided by the Information Resource Centre of the Canadian Forces College, (Department of National Defence), this well-constructed site offers links to information on military and naval forces worldwide. It covers information on armed forces of the world, international organizations, disarmament, military art and science, biography, history, and contemporary conflicts. Each page can have up to three modes: web/gopher links, journal/document links, and mailing list/newsgroup links. It also has a searchable library catalogue.

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (WMEAT) The US Arms Control and Disarmament's WMEAT 1996 document can be viewed in PDF format at this site. The report provides statistics, rankings and indicators on military expenditure, arms transfers, armed forces, and related economic data for 172 countries over the 1985–1995 decade. A more analytical, Highlights section is also provided, and visitors are given the option of downloading selected sections of the report.

World Policy Institute - Arms Trade Resource Center This website is maintained by the Arms Trade Resource Center (ATRC), ‘a project of research and public education on preventative diplomacy and the control of international arms transfers’. It offers reports, magazine articles, and op-ed pieces on the issue, and also serves as a resource for the media, citizen's organizations, members of US Congress and policymakers. The up-to-date coverage includes sets of links (organized both by geographical region and by subject) on useful resources, such as Defense Contractors, International Organizations, and Think Tanks. It also provides Recent News Coverage Links and a bi-weekly email update covering different arms trade and military budget issues.

History Place This educational website focuses on US history, and includes basic, yet highly useful, timelines for the American Revolution, the US Civil War, World War II in Europe, and the Vietnam War. Visitors can jump from year to year, while many of the timeline entries are also links to relevant photographs and/or text.

Imperial War Museum: Collections The Imperial War Museum's Collections On-line Database allows visitors to access its extensive catalogues, covering sound, film, art, and documents. The well-organized site focuses on World War II, and provides short essays on major historical themes (such as War at Sea, Civilians, Truth & Propaganda, and Burial & Remembrance), leading visitors to selected highlights from all the collections and a fully searchable database of almost 60,000 records.

British History This website focuses on Britain's military history, offering detailed information on wars and battles from the time of Roman Britain to the Second World War (omitting WWI). It provides succinct, yet quite comprehensive, coverage of Britain's involvement in the Second World War and the war's general context through a series of articles dealing with the principal battles, general topics (such as propaganda and Britain's economy), issues affecting the British people, and biographies of the chief political leaders, commanders, etc., involved.

Biological Warfare Providing an in-depth look at the topic of biological warfare and related issues, this site links to eight different sites, comprising a wide range of overviews, collections of articles, and relevant journals and information provided by medical and scientific institutions. Amongst the sites on offer here are the Mayo Clinic, which provides a brief overview of the agents commonly used in biological and chemical warfare; a collection of articles on bioterrorism and bioweapons from the New Scientist magazine; and sites from MEDLINEplus, which supply detailed information on the subject as well as numerous links of chemical and biological warfare.

Crimes of War Project A collaboration of journalists, lawyers and scholars, the Crimes of War Project is ‘dedicated to raising public awareness of the laws of war and their application to situations of conflict’. The site offers a number of essays and news items, and its main resources consist of a variety of links to websites on humanitarian law, international institutions, non-governmental organizations, and journalism projects; a Bibliography; a Treaties and Conventions Timeline that covers Legal Documents, Diplomatic Statements, and Developments from the 1856 Declaration Respecting Maritime Law to the 2001 Cambodian legislation establishing a tribunal; a Miscellaneous section, comprising statements, lists, and important documents; and an Archive offering a range of articles on the subject.

InfoWorld Special Report: From the battlefield to the enterprise Provided by InfoWorld Media Group, a company specializing in technology expertise, this Special Report focuses on some of the key technologies deployed in the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to strengthen intelligence and military capability. It offers a selection of articles on the general subjects of technology at war and battle-tested technology, and the more specific areas of Communications, Security and Data Mining, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Robotics and Automation. Finally, in an article entitled ‘The soldier is the network’, it offers a foretaste of potential developments in soldier equipment and warfare.

Napoleon Series Sponsored by the International Napoleonic Society and ‘dedicated to the study of Napoleon Bonaparte and the era he lived in‘, this site contains three major sections. The Military section offers articles, a comprehensive list of Napoleonic-era battles, maps, and photographic tours of selected battlefields. The Reference Library section provides bibliographic, diplomatic, military and political sources, and a cartography library. The third principal section, the Reader's Articles Index, provides a collection of articles on the subject, including biographies, wars, campaigns and battles, as well as a wide range of military topics. The site also offers lists of related CD-ROMS, Websites, and other resources, a FAQ, and a What's New listing.

World War II Resources A listing of primary source materials on the web and of original documents regarding all aspects of World War II, this website is dedicated — as it claims — to combating ‘history by soundbites’. It offers links to hundreds of documents (treaties, declarations, speeches, etc.) from many nations, as well as to French and British collections and documents regarding the diplomatic prelude to the war, and documents relating to a number of subjects, including war termination and post-war policy, military intelligence, Soviet–Nazi relations, and the Pearl Harbour attacks investigations.

Historic Battles: History Revisited Online Created with the intention of offering scholars and interested individuals a place where military history could be discussed and controversial issues debated. It provides a News section offering a compendium of news articles for each of a number of subjects, including Naval History, Aerial History, and Technology, as well as the site's Monthly Topic of discussion and Forum. Other information and links to articles come under the headings of Publication News and Publications, which are sub-divided to cover a few main categories of information, such as military history, historic battles, and biography. It also provides an Art Gallery and selected Links.