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Directory of Contributors

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature

Directory of Contributors

Joy Arbor

 University of Nebraska, Lincoln Barnes, Djuna; Didion, Joan; Lowell, Amy; Parker, Dorothy; Swenson, May

Scott Ashley

 University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

Imagism and American Poets

James P. Austin

 University of California, Irvine

Carver, Raymond; O'Hara, John; On the Road; Separate Peace, A; Slaughterhouse-Five

Charles Robert Baker

 Independent Scholar, Dallas, Texas

Capote, Truman; Cooper, James Fenimore; Great Gatsby, The; Hemingway, Ernest; Irving, Washington; Sun Also Rises, The; Tarkington, Booth

Cates Baldridge

 Middlebury College

 Stone, Robert

Susan Balée

 Independent Scholar, Wyncote, Pennsylvania

 Autobiography: General Essay; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth; O'Connor, Flannery

Rachel Barenblat

 Executive Director, Inkberry, Williamstown, Massachusetts

 Ostriker, Alicia

Michael Barsanti

 Rosenbach Museum, Philadelphia

 Little Magazines

Jane Beal

 University of California, Davis

 Edwards, Jonathan

Sharon Becker

 Clairmont Graduate University

 McCarthy, Mary; Welty, Eudora; Writing as a Woman in the Twentieth Century

Alfred Bendixen

 California State University, Los Angeles

 Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Scarlet Letter, The

John A. Bertolini

 Middlebury College

 Williams, Tennessee

Ian Bickford

 Independent Scholar, Mountain View, California

 Barth, John; Barthelme, Donald; Dillard, Annie; Kerouac, Jack

Pegge Bochynski

 Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts

 Thurber, James

Alicia Borinsky

 Boston University

 Latino/Latina Fiction in America

H. W. Brands

 Texas A & M University

 Franklin, Benjamin

Daniel G. Brayton

 Middlebury College

 Bradstreet, Anne

Cornelius Browne

 Oregon State University Cascades, Bend, Oregon

 Crane, Hart; Walden

Christopher Buck

 Michigan State University

 Hayden, Robert

Christopher Buckley

 University of California, Riverside

 Levine, Philip

Philip Bufithis

 Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

 Brodkey, Harold

Nancy Bunge

 Michigan State University

 Anderson, Sherwood

John Burt

 Brandeis University

 All the King's Men; Warren, Robert Penn

Ronald Bush

 St. John's College, Oxford

 Four Quartets; Pisan Cantos, The; Waste Land, The

Susan Butterworth

 Salem State College, Marblehead, Massachusettes

 Hurston, Zora Neale; Their Eyes Were Watching God

Matthew J. Caballero

 Albancy, California

 Lindsay, Vachel; Masters, Edgar Lee; Matthews, William

Gerry Cambridge

 Independent Scholar and Poet, Glasgow, Scotland

 Hecht, Anthony; Jeffers, Robinson; Millay, Edna St. Vincent; New Formalism, The; Ransom, John Crowe; Roethke, Theodore; Very, Jones; Walcott, Derek; Wilbur, Richard; Wright, James

Chuck Carlise

 Davis, California

 Beat Movement, The; Burroughs, William S.; Ginsberg, Allen

Steven R. Carter

 Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts

 Raisin in the Sun, A

Janice E. Cavoto

 Independent Scholar, Glenside, Pennsylvania

 Ambassadors, The; To Kill a Mockingbird

Laurie Champion

 San Diego State University, Imperial Valley, California

 Irving, John; Short Story; America, The

Maile Chapman

 Hamburg, Germany

 Oates, Joyce Carol

William Bedford Clark

 Texas A & M University

 Fugitives and Southern Agrarianism, The

Lorinda B. Cohoon

 University of Texas, El Paso

 Stowe, Harriet Beecher

Kate Cone

 Topsham, Maine

 Cummings, E. E.

Mark Conway

 College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

 Bukowski, Charles; Carruth, Hayden; Collins, Billy

Christopher Jane Corkery

 College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts

 Stafford, Jean

Peter Coviello

 Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine


Michael Coyle

 Colgate University

 Pound, Ezra

Catherine Daly

 Independent Scholar, Los Angeles

 New York School of Poets; West Coast School

Joseph Dewey

 University of Pittsburgh

 DeLillo, Don

Morris Dickstein

 Graduate Center, City University of New York

 Jewish-American Fiction

Aaron K. DiFranco

 University of California, Davis

 Ammons, A. R.; Berry, Wendell; Nature Writing: Poetry; Snyder, Gary

Lynn Domina

 State University of New York, Delhi, New York

 Autobiography: White Women during the Civil War

Scott Donaldson

 Scottsdale, Arizona

 Cheever, John; Robinson, Edwin Arlington

Robert M. Dowling

 U.S. Coast Guard Academy

 “Bartleby the Scrivener”; Chesnutt, Charles W.; Dos Passos, John; Hapgood, Hutchins; Henry, O.; Proulx, Annie; Sandburg, Carl

David L. Dudley

 Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

 Dunbar, Paul Laurence; Wheatley, Phillis

Joseph Duemer

 Clarkson University

 Vietnam in Poetry and Prose

Stefanie K. Dunning

 Miami University of Ohio

 Angelou, Maya; Walker, Alice

John Elder

 Stewart Professor of English and Environmental Studies, Middlebury College

 Nature Writing: Prose

Richard Everett

 San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

 Dana, Richard Henry

Dina Ripsman Eylon

 Independent Scholar, Toronto

 Stein, Gertrude

Thomas J. Ferraro

 Duke University

 Italian-American Literature

Amanda Fields

 University of Minnesota

 Buck, Pearl S.; Erdrich, Louise; Gone with the Wind; Naylor, Gloria; Silko, Leslie Marmon

Annie Finch

 Cincinnati, Ohio

 Poetess in American Literature, The

Frederick Ethan Fischer

 Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

 Schwartz, Delmore

Edward Halsey Foster

 Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey

 Adams, Henry; Gay Literature: Poetry and Prose; Tate, Allen

Jonathan Freedman

 Middlebury College

 James, Henry

Angela M. Garcia

 Escuela Americana, El Salvador

 Alcott, Louisa May

John Gatta

 University of Connecticut

 Colonial Writing in America

Stephen K. George

 Brigham Young University

 Steinbeck, John

Dana Gioia

 National Endowment of the Arts, Washington, D.C.

 Kees, Weldon; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Jan Goggans

 Sacramento, California

 Grapes of Wrath, The; McPhee, John; Norris, Frank

Jane Goldman

 University of Dundee, Scotland

 West, Nathanael

Susan Goodman

 University of Delaware

 Glasgow, Ellen; Howells, William Dean

Arielle Greenberg

 Bentley College, Dedham, Massachusetts

 Bell Jar, The

Emily R. Grosholz

 Pennsylvania State University

 Justice, Donald; Stevenson, Anne

David L. Gunton

 Independent Scholar, New York, New York

 Objectivism (Reznikoff, Zukofsky, Oppen)

Huck Gutman

 University of Vermont

 Song of Myself; Williams, William Carlos

Lisa J. Hacken

 New York, New York


Marilyn Hacker

 The City College of New York

 Ponsot, Marie

Mary Hadley

 Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

 Detective Fiction

William R. Handley

 University of Southern California, Los Angeles

 Western Fiction: Grey, Stegner, McMurtry, McCarthy

Charles Hannon

 Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania

 Faulkner, William

Henry Hart

 College of William and Mary

 Dickey, James; Lowell, Robert; Simic, Charles; Wright, Charles

Thomas S. Hart

 Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, Concord, Massachusetts

 Thoreau, Henry David

Burton Hatlen

 University of Maine, Orono, Maine

 Long Poem, The

Patricia B. Heaman

 Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

 As I Lay Dying; Updike, John

Kathleen A. Heininge

 University of California, Davis

 King, Stephen

Glenn Hendler

 University of Notre Dame

 Alger, Horatio

Brian Henry

 University of Georgia

 Ford, Richard; Salinger, J. D.

Danielle Hinrichs

 Claremont Graduate University, Madison, Wisconsin

 New Journalism, The

Jen Hirt

 University of Idaho

 Garland, Hamlin; Lardner, Ring

Philip Hobsbaum

 Glasgow, Scotland

 Auden, W. H.; Berryman, John; Confessional Poetry; Eliot, T. S.; Jarrell, Randall; New Critics, The; Notes toward a Supreme Fiction

Tyler Hoffman

 Rutgers University–Camden

 Bishop, Elizabeth; Frost, Robert

Patrick Colm Hogan

 University of Connecticut

 Literary Theory in America

Benjamin Ivry

 New York, New York

 Howard, Richard; Melville, Herman

Tanya E. C. Jarvik

 University of California, Davis

 Gardner, John; Winesburg, Ohio

Anett Jessop

 University of California, Davis

 Jackson, Laura Riding; Loy, Mina

Judith E. Johnson

 Albany, New York

 Kizer, Carolyn

Paul Johnston

 State University of New York, Plattsburgh

 Benét, Stephen Vincent; Fireside Poets, The; Lopez, Barry

Elaine M. Kauvar

 Baruch College, City University of New York

 Ozick, Cynthia

Kathryn W. Kemp

 Clayton College & State University, Morrow, Georgia

 Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St. John de; Tocqueville, Alexis de

Robin Kemp

 Hambidge Fellow, Atlanta

 Chopin, Kate; Stafford, William

Mary Louise Kete

 University of Vermont

 Sentimental Literature

Claire Keyes

 Salem State College, Massachusetts

 Rich, Adrienne

Karen L. Kilcup

 University of North Carolina, Greensboro

 Jewett, Sarah Orne

Janna King

 Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

 Glück, Louise

Judith Kitchen

 State University of New York, Brockport

 O'Brien, Tim; Tender Is the Night

Jerome Klinkowitz

 University of Northern Iowa

 Metafiction; Vonnegut, Kurt

Melissa Knox

 University of Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany

 Death of a Salesman; Glass Menagerie, The; “Lottery, The”; Portrait of a Lady, The; Wilson, Edmund

Erik Kongshaug

 San Pedro, California

 Sinclair, Upton, and the Muckrakers

Denise Larrabee

 Independent Scholar, Philadelphia

 Our Town; Porter, Katherine Anne

J. Michael Lennon

 Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

 Mailer, Norman

Jan Heller Levi

 New York, New York

 Rukeyser, Muriel

James A. Lewin

 Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

 Singer, Isaac Bashevis

Kimberly Lewis

 University of Chicago

 McCarthy, Cormac; Smith, Dave; Stern, Gerald

Sheldon W. Liebman

 The Feltre School, Chicago

 Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Richard Lingeman

 Editor, New York

 Lewis, Sinclair

James Longenbach

 University of Rochester, New York

 Pinsky, Robert; Stevens, Wallace

Jerome Loving

 Texas A & M University

 Dreiser, Theodore; Whitman, Walt

Margo Lukens

 University of Maine, Orono, Maine

 Native American Literature

Christopher MacGowan

 College of William and Mary Paterson

Edward A. (Sandy) Martin

 Middlebury College

 Mencken, H. L.

Wendy Martin

 Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California

 McCarthy, Mary; Welty, Eudora; Writing as a Woman in the Twentieth Century

Janet McCann

 Texas A & M University

 Olds, Sharon

John McCardell

 Middlebury College

 Simms, William Gilmore, and Antebellum Southern Literature

Sean McDonnell

 University of California, Davis

 Kinnell, Galway; Merwin, W. S.

Molly McQuade

 Independent Scholar, Baltimore

 Bierce, Ambrose; Chicago Renaissance; Dickinson, Emily

John McWilliams

 Middlebury College

 Puritanism: The Sense of an Unending

Adam Scott Miller

 Villanova University

 Mather, Cotton; Taylor, Edward

Greg Miller

 University of California, Davis

 Baldwin, James; Kincaid, Jamaica

Brett C. Millier

 Middlebury College

 Kunitz, Stanley; Moore, Marianne

Rob Morris

 Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts

 Academic Novels; Algonquin Round Table

Brenda Murphy

 University of Connecticut

 Theater in America

William R. Nash

 Middlebury College

 Black Arts Movement; Brooks, Gwendolyn; Ellison, Ralph; Harlem Renaissance; Native Son

Robert Niemi

 St. Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont

 London, Jack; Proletarian Literature

Caitriona O'Reilly

 Trinity College, Dublin

 Plath, Sylvia

Louis H. Palmer III

 Castleton State College, Castleton, Vermont

 Ballad of the Sad Café, The; McCullers, Carson

Jay Parini

 Middlebury College

 Vidal, Gore

Philip Parry

 The University of St. Andrews, Scotland

 Miller, Arthur; O'Neill, Eugene; Shepard, Sam; Streetcar Named Desire, A; Wilder, Thornton

Donald Pease

 Dartmouth College Romanticism in America: The Emersonian Tradition

Jerry Phillips

 University of Connecticut

  White, Edmund

Sam Pickering

 University of Connecticut

 Children's Literature

Ellen Pifer

 University of Delaware

 Nabokov, Vladimir

Sanford Pinsker

 Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania

 Bellow, Saul; Malamud, Bernard; Trilling, Lionel

Ron Powers

 Middlebury, Vermont

 Twain, Mark

William H. Pritchard

 Amherst College

 Roth, Philip

Josef Raab

 University of Bielefeld, Germany

 Kushner, Tony; Long Day's Journey into Night; Wilson, August

Mark Richardson

 Western Michigan University

 Crane, Stephen; Douglass, Frederick; Du Bois, W. E. B.; H.D. (Hilda Doolittle); Red Badge of Courage, The; Wright, Richard

Zack Rogow

 University of California, Berkeley

 Jordan, June; Kazin, Alfred

Michael Rosovsky

 Emerson College, Boston

 Hoagland, Edward

Susan J. Rosowski

 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

 Cather, Willa

Andrea Ross

 University of California, Davis

 Williams, Terry Tempest

Joyce A. Rowe

 Fordham University Moby-Dick

David Ryan

 Independent Scholar, New York

 Elkin, Stanley; Miller, Henry; Pynchon, Thomas

Arnold E. Sabatelli

 Writer, Bethany, Connecticut

 Aiken, Conrad; Momaday, N. Scott; Tate, James; White, E. B.; Wideman, John Edgar

Bill Savage

 Northwestern University

 Algren, Nelson

Gary Scharnhorst

 University of New Mexico

 Naturalism and Realism

Steven P. Schneider

 University of Texas–Pan American

 Soto, Gary

Susan M. Schultz

 University of Hawaii at Manoa

 Ashbery, John

Lacy Schutz

 New York City

 Black Mountain Poetry; Creeley, Robert; Hugo, Richard; Levertov, Denise

Lynn Orilla Scott

 Michigan State University

 Autobiography: Slave Narratives; Reed, Ishmael

J. D. Scrimgeour

 Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts

 Autobiography of Malcolm X, The; Hughes, Langston

Donna Seaman

 American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois

 Agee, James; Beattie, Ann

Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt

 Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

 “Yellow Wallpaper, The”

Carol J. Singley

 Rutgers University, Camden

 Age of Innocence, The; Wharton, Edith

Ellen McGrath Smith

 University of Pittsburgh

 Jong, Erica; Paley, Grace; Sexton, Anne

Patrick A. Smith

 Bainbridge College, Georgia

 Doctorow, E. L.; Matthiessen, Peter

Willard Spiegelman

 Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

 Merrill, James

Jenny Spinner

 University of Connecticut

 Essay in America, The

Vincent Standley

 Writer, Lincoln, Rhode Island

 Science Fiction

Heather Stephenson

 Independent Scholar, Cambridge, Massachusetts

 McClatchy, J. D.

Yerra Sugarman

 New York University

 Hacker, Marilyn; Lazarus, Emma

Paul Sullivan

 Columnist, New York

 Fitzgerald, F. Scott; Styron, William

Victoria D. Sullivan

 Saint Peter's College, Jersey City

 Albee, Edward

John Sutherland

 University College, London

 Popular Fiction

Kella Svetich

 University of California, Davis

 Asian American Literature; Kingston, Maxine Hong

Pauls Toutonghi

 Cornell University

 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Chronology; Heller, Joseph; Things They Carried, The; War Literature; Wolff, Tobias

Kathrine Varnes

 University of Missouri, Columbia

 Alvarez, Julia

Karma Waltonen

 University of California, Davis

 McNally, Terrence

Ted Weesner Jr.

 Tufts University and Emerson College Catcher in the Rye, The

Theresa M. Welford

 Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

 Freneau, Philip; Gunn, Thom

J. Chris Westgate

 University of California, Davis

 American Buffalo; Mamet, David

Robert Wilson

 Independent Scholar, Manassas, Virginia

 Taylor, Peter

Mark Royden Winchell

 Independent Scholar, Clemson, South Carolina

 Gioia, Dana; Sound and the Fury, The; Wolfe, Thomas

Nicolas S. Witschi

 Western Michigan University

 Harte, Bret

Lani Wolf

 University of California, Davis

 Banks, Russell; Kennedy, William; Prose, Francine; Roth, Henry; Stegner, Wallace

William Wright

 Pipersville, Pennsylvania

 Hellman, Lillian

Thomas Wright

 Independent Scholar, London, England

 Poe, Edgar Allan

Kristine Yohe

 Northern Kentucky University

 Beloved; Morrison, Toni

Andrew Zawacki

 The University of Chicago

 Lolita; Strand, Mark