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Gurzil Dispels the Darkness

Subject: Religion

(Libya) Gurzil, the sun god, was worshiped among the Huwwara of Tripolitania well into the eleventh century, long after the Arab conquest. This deity was a protector, a guide, ...


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The Oxford Companion to the English Language (2 ed.)

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...differences (1) Some disyllabic verbs ending in l and with second-syllable stress are usually written with l in BrE, ll in AmE: appal/appall, distil/distill, enrol/enroll, enthral/enthrall, instil/instill . Others have a single l in both varieties: control, compel, dispel, impel, repel, annul . Inflected and some derived forms have ll in both varieties: appalled, controlling, distillation, enrolling, installation (but enrolment, instalment chiefly in BrE). (2) Verbs ending in an unstressed vowel plus l ( to equal, travel, pencil ) normally...