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a fortiori

Subject: Philosophy

(Latin, from the stronger)

Phrase used for ‘all the more’ or ‘even more so’: if all donkeys bray, then a fortiori all young donkeys bray.

Arab Spring

Arab Spring   Reference library

Farhad Khosrokhavar

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women

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Religion, Social sciences, Sociology
2,193 words the polls. The scattered votes of the secular and progressive revolutionaries and their inability to voice their views in a unified manner through new political parties made them vulnerable. They were also inclined to reject politics as dirty, preferring moral attitudes to political ones. Revolutionary women shared these characteristics to an even higher degree, resulting in the marginalization of revolutionary men and, a fortiori, women, in the second period of the Arab revolutions. Another major problem that looms in regard to women is the overwhelming...