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a fortiori

Subject: Philosophy

(Latin, from the stronger)

Phrase used for ‘all the more’ or ‘even more so’: if all donkeys bray, then a fortiori all young donkeys bray.

Teaching International Relations Theory

Teaching International Relations Theory   Reference library

Craig Douglas Albert

The International Studies Encyclopedia

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Social sciences, Politics, Warfare and Defence
8,577 words appearance in the report of the Chilean Institute of International Studies. It is the Chilean argument that the need of a “science” or theory of IR is needed to help drive the field forward. Julio Escudero argues that the field must take a much more specific and scientific approach. In response to the findings of a Professor Alvarez, Escudero explains that if there is any social science whatsoever, there too must be, a fortiori, a “science of international relations,” which shows what international life is and reveals its manifestations. This science...