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a fortiori

Subject: Philosophy

(Latin, from the stronger)

Phrase used for ‘all the more’ or ‘even more so’: if all donkeys bray, then a fortiori all young donkeys bray.

a fortiori argument

a fortiori argument   Quick reference

A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying and Civil Engineering

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... fortiori argument Latin term used in law to show that the case being presented falls well within the scope of something that has gone before, thus there is even greater reason that the situation under examination should be treated with at least the same consideration. The situation can be treated as a maiore ad minus e.g. if the situation applies to a large group then it should also hold true for a smaller group or if 8 m 3 of concrete is contained in a dumper then 6 m 3 would also fit into the same dumper. Alternatively, but less common, a minor ad...