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a fortiori

Subject: Philosophy

(Latin, from the stronger)

Phrase used for ‘all the more’ or ‘even more so’: if all donkeys bray, then a fortiori all young donkeys bray.


Proselytes   Reference library

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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2008 immersion in the ritual bath before being allowed to touch the communal purities (v.13). Access to liquids required a second year of training (vi.20–21). We may presume, although this is only by inference, that for proselytes the instruction in the commandments of the Torah would have been more protracted and demanding. Given the premise that impurity was inherent in all transgressors of the law (1QS v.14) and a fortiori in gentiles born outside of the law, no proselyte could possibly have entered the Qumran community without undergoing...