Business and society: new words for new worlds

February 25, 2016

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on Wednesday 24th February 2016, written by Gareth Williams, a contributor to the new edition of A Dictionary of Business and Management.

A Dictionary of Business and Management

'Neologisms (from Greek néo-, meaning ‘new’ and logos, meaning ‘speech, utterance’) – can do all sorts of jobs. But most straightforwardly new words describe new things. As such they indicate areas of change, perhaps of innovation. They present us with a map, one that can redefine what we know as well as revealing newly explored areas; new words for new worlds. What do recently coined words and phrases tell us about how the world of business is developing?

One large area of newly broken lexical ground is where business meets social and ethical values. There’s been a greater emphasis on this in recent years, driven by an interest in using market-oriented methods to achieve fairness and sustainability, as well as concerns over how private advantage can result in public disadvantage.'

Discover more: Read the rest of the article on the OUPblog.


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