What's new in September 2017

September 21, 2017

This month, two new editions have been added to the "Quick Reference" collection on Oxford Reference:

A Dictionary of Chinese Literature

A Dictionary of Chinese Literature

Taiping Chang

From the Shi jing (Classic of Songs) of the eleventh century bc, to the to the wanglu wenxue (Internet literature) of the twenty-first century, this authoritative dictionary covers key terms relative to the study of Chinese literature, from antiquity to the present day. a–z entries on key literary figures, trends, schools, movements, and literary collections are included, as well as detailed descriptions of traditional literary works, plays, dramas, stories, novels, and other main literary texts.

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Oxford Essential Quotations (5 ed.)

Oxford Essential Quotations (5 ed.)

Edited by Susan Ratcliffe

Oxford Essential Quotations ensures coverage of the most popular and widely-used quotations by combining use of the largest ongoing language research programme in the world, the Oxford English Corpus, with the acclaimed text of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. In this fifth edition, over 180 subjects have been updated with new quotations from over 190 authors, including over 60 new authors ranging from Dan Brown to Tracey Emin, from Hokusai to Emil Zatopek.

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