Ten interesting facts about a selection of Olympic sports

August 4, 2016

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 3rd August 2016, written by the Oxford Reference marketing team.

A Dictionary of Sports Studies

'Every four years, when the Olympics come around, everyone suddenly becomes an expert in one, many, or all of the sports on show. Whilst you watch you know exactly when an athlete goes wrong with their run-up, or when a horse steps out of line in the Dressage, or how a tennis player could better their serve. But have you ever wondered about some of the lesser-known facts about Olympic sports, like where diving comes from, how fast a shuttlecock can be hit through the air, or what exactly the difference is between canoeing and kayaking?

To help you get a head start we have discovered a few interesting facts about some of the sports being showcased, to help you impress your friends and family.'


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