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Embracing Random Questions

Have you ever wondered why love and passion reside in the heart? Or why women wear bras? Or maybe why popcorn is a popular snack at movie theatres? I have considered these questions – and over the past fifteen years, another 160 or so similarly variable, and seemingly off-topic, questions... Read more >
















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What is the name of the fungus that causes athlete's foot?

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We need spring. We need it desperately and, usually, we need it before God is willing to give it to us.


MARCH 20, 2019

A Dictionary of African Politics

 This new dictionary provides clear and authoritative definitions of terms within the fast-growing field of African Politics. 

MARCH 20, 2019

Words are Chameleons: The Languages of Law

Words are to a lawyer what mathematics is to a physicist. That being the case, if an observer watched the goings on of, say, the Court of King’s Bench in the 15th century, they might wonder how the legal system could work at all, for they would be hearing words in three languages...