Three millennia of writings – a brief history of Chinese literature

Chinese literature has developed into a treasure trove that offers rich information about Chinese society, thought, customs, and social and political movements. From Ancient Pre-Quin writing and the emergence of drama during the Yan dynasty—right through to novels responding to the socio-political issues of the 1940s, a rich literary history has developed over three millennia. Read more >

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December 11, 2017

A spotlight on... New Year

Exlpore the traditions, folklore, and fun surrounding New Year's celebrations, with featured books, quotations, and blog posts. Read more >

December 11, 2017

A brief history of Chinese literature

Discover the rich literary history of China, that has developed over three millennia. Read more >

December 5, 2017

Ten great writers from China’s long literary history

Discover 10 of China’s greatest writers, from the end of the Zhou dynasty to the twentieth century. Read more >